Peerutin Karol

Website Design and Development for an architectural firm.

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About This Project

Peerutin Karol is an architectural firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. Responsible for some of the most iconic building designs in South Africa, including Wembley Square, the Radisson Red hotel in the Silo District and several awe-inspiring private residences such as the ‘Iron Man’ house, Peeritukin Karol boasts a spectacular portfolio of projects.

Their previous site lacked sufficient content, clear user journeys throughout the site’s pages, and an adequate display of the building projects. The site was also built without forward compatibility with new PHP standards.

The new site took the sleek and edgy branding of the Peerutin Karol logo into account. It intentionally heroes the breathtaking imagery of the projects themselves and lays out a clear and clever path for users to follow. A dynamic portfolio is now in place, complete with well-structured categorisation of projects and an easy-to-use breadcrumb navigation to assist site visitors in exploring the portfolio.

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Website Development


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