Moon Calendar

Work with the Cosmic Energy of the Universe & Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet

Get a high-level view of the energies of the month of 2024. Work alongside the cosmic powers that be to plan, create, work and rest following the flow of the universe.

Moon Calendar

Get a high-level view of the energy of 2024. Align with the flow of the Universe and plan, create, execute and rest with the energy of the cosmos.

Hello 2024

A new year is upon us and with it comes plenty of moments for fun, creativity, expansion and inspiration…

This Moon Calendar was created to help you navigate the year ahead by helping you align with the energy of the universe.

Within each month, you’ll find the main transits of the luminaries, the sun and the moon, including new and full moons, as well as which sign each of these transits take place in.

Now you can work in line with cosmic flow to bring joy, happiness, productivity and success in 2024.

Reach Your Goals and Manifest Faster

A Scorpio Full Moon feels very different from a Leo Full Moon; Aries is fast-paced and energised, but Pisces is mystical and deep.

The energies of the cosmos support you in all realms of your life. From starting projects to unearthing confidence, focusing on money or developing your spiritual practice.

Knowing which energies are at play and what zodiac ‘flavour’ they take on can help you plan your life for maximum productivity, joy and success.

Start aligning your work, play, rest and creative projects with cosmic energy.

Two Alternate Cover Page Designs

Everybody loves options, and to make sure you had ample choice on the look and feel of your 2024 Moon Calendar, we made sure you had several cover designs to choose from.

The zodiac wheel comes alive in this design, with each zodiac sign, constellation and glyph on display.

Monochromatic, subtle hints of colour, neutral or black and gold (our personal favourite), whatever your taste, there’s a cover design for you.

Heck, these cover pages are so beautiful, we’re going to print, frame and display one of these in our homes.

Get yours now!


Two Different Calendar Designs To Choose From

They say that variety is the spice of life, personally, we think it’s tumeric.

The 2023 Moon Calendar comes in two alternate designs, one using beautiful illustrations of the feminine form, the other boasting graphics of zodiac constellations.

Femme Illustrations


A Key to Remove the Guesswork

If, like us, you’re not a trained astrologer, knowing which zodiac glyph is which could be a bit complicated. If, like us, you confuse Virgo and Scorpio, and always have to double-take at Capricorn, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve included a handy key that details each of the lunar and solar signs, New Moons, Full Moons and sun transits, as well as a breakdown of each zodiac glyph.

If you ever get confused, just refer to the key.

Why You’ll Love This Moon Calendar

Quick Snapshot of Cosmic Events: Quick Snapshot of Cosmic Events: See each month’s lunar and solar activity at a glance. New Moon, Full Moon and Sun transits are marked with the respective zodiac glyph.

Space to Share: As well as noting the solar and lunar activity and the glyphs of the signs they’re taking place in, the Moon Calendar has enough space for you to add notes, log important reminders and mark important dates.

Good For Business: Bringing the energy of the ever-changing zodiac into your business can be extremely beneficial. Use Taurean transits to focus on money and grounding or tap into Virgo energy for planning and productivity.

Real Sexy: Let’s be honest, most calendars are kinda boring, pretty corporate or wildly ornate. This 2024 Moon Calendar is undeniably good-looking, so much so that we’ve referred to it internally (and sometimes externally) as the ‘sexy Moon Calendar.’ Enjoy looking at this beauty as much as we do.

Plan Your Moon Magic Rituals

If you love doing New and Full Moon Rituals (who doesn’t?), this Moon Calendar will help you plan and curate your rituals.

With a clear idea of the energies at play, you can work your magic more intentionally.

New Moons are great for calling in energy, setting intentions and planting the seeds of manifestations.

Full Moons are great for reflecting, letting go, assessing what came to fruition and what needs to be reevaluated. 

Use Your Calendar However You Like

Print them, frame them, gift them, hand them out like Oprah.

Use the Moon Calendar however you like. Print it out and scribble your notes, quotes or favourite affirmations of the month at the top. Or use the digital version straight from your devices.

Printable for Handwritten Charm: If you’re a pen-to-paper kinda person, print the calendar out and use it as an offline asset. You can bind the calendar and keep it together, stick each month’s page on a wall, or frame it.

Digital for Tech Lovers: If you prefer to keep things paperless, use the digital version and add your to-dos and important dates. Use the calendar on your iPad or laptop, accessible whenever you need it on the go.

It’s so beautiful! I have mine stuck on my wall and I change it out each month. I love looking at it every day! – Aimee

I’ve used loads of calendars before and never felt particularly drawn to any of them, but I love calender. It feels so personal, like it was made for me. I love being able to see what’s happening astrologically each month. Thank you!! – Robyn

Gorgeous!!! Love the drawings. It’s sooo pretty in my room! – Nina 

Buy Your 2024 Moon Calendar

Choose between a design using femme illustrations or constellations, or buy both because you love us!

Note: ZAR is the local currency of South Africa, where this store is based. When you checkout, the payment processor will do so in ZAR, but you’ll be charged the correct amount in your currency. To give you an idea, the exchange rate is it is roughly 18 ZAR : 1 USD, and these Moon Calendars are roughly $9.00 (although currency exchanges fluctuate).

Meet The Creators

Hey gorgeous!

This sexy Moon Calendar was designed to help you make 2024 freaking kickass. We hope that it brings you clarity, creativity and juicy, delicious cosmic goodness.

Rebecca James Branding and Logo Designer Moon Calendar

Logo & Brand Designer

Sagittarius Sun, Virgo Moon,
Scorpio Rising

Lisa-Robyn Keown

Copywriter & Web Designer

Leo Sun, Aries Moon,
Libra Rising

Hey gorgeous!

This sexy Moon Calendar was designed to help you make 2024 freaking kickass. We hope that it brings you clarity, creativity and juicy, delicious cosmic goodness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase the Moon Calendar?

Easy peasy. Click here, and you’ll be directed to the purchase section. Select whichever calendar design you like and click Add to Cart. If you’d like to purchase both, add both to your cart. Next, follow the standard checkout procedure by entering your details and making payment. 

Is this a physical calendar?

No, this is a digital product. You’ll receive a digital file and can choose to either print the calendar or use it digitally from your iPad, laptop or phone.

Where do I find the download file?

As soon as you make payment, you’ll be emailed a download link. From there, you can download the files and, when complete, you’ll find them on your computer.

What time zone are the transits in?

The calendar’s dates use Eastern Time. We’re thinking of creating calendars for each of the big time zones, if this is something you’d like, drop us a mail on and we’ll get cracking.

Why is the price in South African Rand?

Bestie, believe me when I tell you that I tried everything to make the checkout currency USD.

South Africa unfortunately does not have the technology at the moment to process credit card payments in any currency other than the local currency, ZAR (South African Rand). Sad, but true.

The only way I could enable credit card payments was to set the currency to ZAR, which I didn’t want initially as the currency isn’t well-known and I was concerned it would confuse people. But hey, what can ya do?

I’ve been told by the lovely people at PayStack (the company that processes the payment gateways) that in a few months, they’ll hopefully have something up and running that’ll allow me to set the currency to USD. Until then, this is as good as it gets!

Can I book an astrology reading?

For sure! This Moon Calendar was made in collaboration with one of the coolest astrologers in the cosmos, Margarita Celeste. You can book a reading with her directly by emailing

I have a different question...

No problem! Email with your question.

As Above, So Below

Purchase your 2024 Moon Calendar and align each day with the energy of the Universe.

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