Copywriting and Content Writing

Finding the right words for every brand contact point can be tough. Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle with creating every piece of copy for your brand.

Website copy

One of the most daunting and intimidating steps in the brand-building process is writing copy for your website. Your inner critic has a mouthful to say, and you’ll procrastinate with just about any housework chore to avoid staring at a blank page.

To make sure your voice, message and offering get seen, my web copywriting takes site architecture and a keyword strategy into account, and abides by the best on-page SEO practices.

Blog content creation

I love writing, I love poetry, I love journalling, and of course, I love blogging. I’ve written thousands of articles for clients across various industries, and am thrilled at the thought of writing spiritual, mystical, metaphysical content on behalf of your brand.

All of my articles are thoroughly researched, employ best on-page SEO practices, are informative, educational and engaging.

Copy editing

As the quote famously misattributed to Ernest Hemingway states, “write drunk, edit sober.” If you love writing, creating and expressing yourself, drunk or sober, but hate editing and formatting, enquire about my copy editing services.

Send me your .docs or .pages, and I’ll make sure your copy and content return to you on-message, more engaging and spelling error and typo-free.

Marketing copy

If you’re looking for other forms of copy, such as email newsletter copy, email automation sequence copy, social media captions or landing page, sales page or launch page copy, get in touch!

How it works

Step 1: Send me an email at and tell me more about your project, your objectives and which writing service you’re looking for.

Step 2: If we’re a good fit and our vibes align, we’ll set up a call. You can tell me everything about your business, your brand, your vision and your copy requirements.

Step 3: I get to work crafting your copy while you can work on other aspects of your business. Or you can sit back and chill, knowing that your content is taken care of.


Step 4: After a round of revisions, I’ll tweak your copy to make it on-point and on-brand. Once the final copy is signed off, I’ll send all of the relevant docs and bits and bobs your way!

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