Lisa is very professional and so so patient! Hire her for your website! Lisa was able to put my vision together effortlessly. During the time of the website I had a baby, on maternity leave, Plus my grandma died unexpectedly – so I was all over the place and deeply healing…. Lisa gently pushed me along and allowed me stay focused on the end goal when it was time. She was so so patient, and not many designers would be that willing and kind. I really honor Lisa for giving me that time, and creating a fabulous website.


Akashic Record Reader

I really enjoyed working with Lisa. She did everything on time, very fast and I could say the quality of work was very good. It seems she likes what she does and is competent in her field. Also, I really like her manner of communication, not too formal. I liked that Lisa worked really fast, she met the deadlines or finished work even earlier than agreed. Also, I like that she is fast in answering emails and proposes explanations or suggestions not only in writing, but also in video format. Actually I found out about Loom from her and started to use it 🙂 So you could say, that Lisa inspired me to incorporate one more technological solution to my everyday work 🙂 I would definitely recommend Lisa as her field professional.


COO, Nord Surgery Group

I’m getting a lot of discovery calls. Many are referrals and the rest from searches. Seems like Google likes my new site!! I’m getting a lot of compliments.

Mary Lee

Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist

Lisa takes great care in creating a professional and clean website for your purpose and intention. I was so impressed with Lisa‘s organization and quick turnaround. She is able to put your vision together and develop a living website. everything is created with intent, and she has an artist’s eye for extra special touches to have your website standout. She creates a modern website with purpose, knowing how to make your business standout and not get lost on the web. Lisa cares about her clients and her work and ethics continue to impress me.


Akashic Record Reader

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