Branding, Copywriting & Website Design for a cryptocurrency trading platform.

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About This Project

CEX24 is a market-making and OTC trading platform aimed at prequalified investors. It offers a flexible trading experience on over 60 exchanges.

A new business, CEX24, required the full-service creation of its online presence. The logo uses tones of gold to convey money, a stylised emblem echoes the dollar sign, and the custom-illustrated text element conveys the platform’s high-tech and cutting-edge nature.

Original copywriting detailed the nature of the product and industry while expressing the brand tone of mystery and exclusivity.

CEX24 required a display site to explain their offer and collect registrations from prospective applicants. Once emails are captured, their internal teams begin a vetting process and eventually onboard new users. The website features custom illustrations and a unique user document upload form.

Project Services:


Brand Design


Website Copywriting


Website Development


Website Maintenance

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