If you love productivity tips and hacks, are obsessed with astrology, and also love writing things by hand, I created a 2021 Moon Calendar that’s perfect for you.

Listing each New Moon and Full Moon for you to plan your moon rituals, this free Lunar Calendar can be used in either a digital or printed version.

Scroll down to download the free Moon Calendar.

2021 Moon Calendar Lunar Calendar Rose Quartz and Work Your Light Oracle Cards

If you’re like me, you love working with lunar energy. You love using the energy of the New Moon to set intentions and ignite manifestations, and also love using the Full Moon to release old energy and see what you can let go of.

Over the years, as I’ve deepened my love for astrology, I’ve noticed that using the ever-changing zodiac in alignment with my business and personal life has been extremely beneficial.

Whether I focus on money or grounding during a Taurus lunation or flow with a Virgo feel for planning and productivity, I love focusing New and Full Moon rituals around the cosmic energy of the time.

I created a 2021 Moon Calendar so that I could get a high-level view of each month’s lunar and solar energies in advance. Each New Moon, Full Moon and Sun sign transit is mapped for the full year in advance.

2021 Moon Calendar Lunar Calendar Rose Quartz and Work Your Light Oracle Cards

Each year, I sit down with my astrologer and we discuss the year ahead in terms of astrological events. We look at each New Moon and Full Moon, and assess each of these in relation to notable aspects.

Throughout 2020, I used my Moon Calendar, and it helped me stay focused, specifically with business matters. I’m a bit A-type and ever since my Leo sun transited to Virgo, I’ve fallen in love with planning, organising and productivity.

I looked around for other Moon Calendars online, but none of them suited my taste. They were either too overly decorative, cluttered, or didn’t offer enough information.

I wanted something like a regular calendar, but one that added some mystical cosmic woo into the picture. I created a lunar calendar that is really specific to the energy during a specific time period.

Each month of the Moon Calendar lists the lunar and solar activity for that month. Typically, there is a New Moon, Full Moon and Sun transition once per month; however, there can be exceptions. The glyph of the respective astrological sign is also shown. This way, you can get a quick snapshot of seeing a Full Moon in Aries on the 20th of October, or that the Sun enters Taurus on the 19th of April.

As well as showcasing the respective Moon and Sun activity, the Moon Calendar also has enough space for you to write down important tasks, notes, events, reminders and so on. I’m a big fan of writing things down, so I love using an old-school calendar for note-taking, event mapping and also tracking lunar activity.

2021 Moon Calendar Lunar Calendar

I hope you like using this 2021 Moon Calendar. I hope it’s a cute addition to your workday, that it’ll help you smash through your to-do lists and plan out your moon rituals.

To download your free 2021 Moon Calendar, enter your name and email address in the form below. Once you click Download Now, you’ll find a download link.

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