Donaé Marinus

Website Design and Copywriting for a personal trainer.

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About This Project

Donaé Marinus is a personal trainer and fitness expert. She’s helped countless people (including myself!) transform their bodies and minds to become stronger, fitter, and more resilient.

Stepping beyond her traditional 1:1 in-person approach, Donaé has launched a unique DIY training program, Build. This 12-week program takes gym newbies through a detailed fitness journey where they’ll slowly become comfortable in a gym setting, learn how to use machines and equipment, and begin building strong, lean muscle.

For Donaé’s first brand and website creation, she wanted something elegant and classic with a playful edge. Her logo submark features a graphic of her initials styled within an illusion of a dumbbell, while the overall branding includes a subtle hint of lilac and violet to express her favorite colors. The website is modern with a feminine touch.

Logo and brand design by Lisa Bailey Studio.

Project Services:


Website Copywriting


Website Design

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